On Line Textbook

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Discovery Education

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 School Supplies Needed Daily

 For Science:

science journal

pens / pencils / erasers

Hand held pencil sharpener

charged chrome book

Completed Homework

Ready to learn attitude

Lyles Dress Code


Tutoring Times:

N/A:  Due to Block Scheduling

Supplies Needed / Wish List




notebook paper

construction paper


white copy paper

glue (bottle)

graph paper

paper towel

post-it notes

index cards

zip-lock baggies (sandwich and gallon)

hand sanitizer

baby wipes

Expectations and/or Concequences

Lyles Expectations 

  1. Be in your assigned seat ready to work by the time the bell rings.
  2. Bring paper, pens, pencils, books, and any other needed supplies every day.
  3. Keep hands, feet, books, and objects to yourself.
  4. Refrain from swearing, making rude gestures, put downs, or disruptive behavior
  5. Follow all directions as given, the first time.

Class Room Expectations:

1.    Be on time to class with all proper supplies (pencil, notebook paper, science journal, completed homework) and all personal business (bathroom, drink) taken care of before you enter the room.

2.    Respect all adults, peers, animals and others property at all times.

3.    No TEXTING, Chewing, Drinking in class

4.    Follow directions the first time you are asked.

5.    Come to Class to LEARN, NOT Play!


        1.    Warning (verbal or non-verbal)

2.    Parent Contact (Email works best)

3.    Office Referral



 6th Grade 2015-2016